Yuya Takegawa Senior Vice President


It is my mission to create the bright future working closely together with entrepreneurs. Doing so is not a flat road, rather steep. However, I hope you to choose me as a partner for your venture as I have experienced roles of both venture capitalist and start-up CEO, and am more than happy to share my knowledge, experience, and insight. I look forward to working with you with your innovative idea and sublime vision!


Mr. Takegawa joined CyberAgent Capital (CAC) in 2012. He is in charge of seed investment as a fundmanager of "Seed Generator Fund". Prior to joining CAV, he led an Internet ad agency and achieved successful exit as a CEO. Yuya also experienced investment and incubation as a venture capitalist before. Mr.Takegawa is a graduate of Waseda University,department of bachelor of artsin literature.



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