Nguyen Manh Dung Head of Vietnam and Thailand Office


While the history of the internet industry is still in early stage, it has nowadays become the thing that symbolizes the 21st century. In Vietnam, despite the fact that not so many internet services could really make money, they have been changing people’s lives and Vietnamese society forever. Even though profit maximization is a general objective of every company, it should not be a sole purpose of running the business. Sustainable business should bring positive impact to the lives of people in the society, too. In that sense, we, as a VC, should not just think of earning money, but always be the partner of the entrepreneurs/start-up companies who have big dreams and high aspirations, and challenge to overcome the issues of the businesses to provide better internet services that contribute to the development of the society. My philosophy is “Just do it, do not stop me!”. How about you? Be a challenger yourself!


Mr.Dung worked in a Japanese manufacturing company, in charge of import & export department. Later, he moved on to join the biggest software company in Vietnam and took part in several projects to help the company penetrate the Japanese market. Academic opportunity took Mr. Dung to Japan where he received MA of finance and economy.In April 2009, he joined CyberAgent Capital, Inc. As the Head of Vietnam office, he has made the investments to CleverAds (The biggest SEM agency of Google in Vietnam), Foody (The biggest gourmet media in Vietnam) as founding Investor and more than 20 other promising early-stage companies in Vietnam. Since end of 2012, he also exercised 2 fully exits in Vietnam.Since in 2013, he has also led the company's expansion into Thailand and made the investment into Priceza (The biggest price comparison media in Thailand) and total promising early-stage companies. He is currently in charge of supporting and incubating portfolio firms both in Vietnam and Thailand. Mr.Dung graduated from Foreign Trade University in Hanoi, Vietnam and School of Economics in Hosei Univerisy in Tokyo, Japan.



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