Steven Vanada Head of Indonesia


The beauty of internet business is its potential disruptive capability to solve problem at a massive scale using technological leverage. In Indonesia, I believe these opportunities are still vastly explorable with one of the higher upside in emerging markets. My strategy is to focus on the basic fundamentals that is yet very inefficient in the conventional business. For the past few years, I have been focusing on E-commerce, marketplace (horizontal and vertical), payment and education. Currently performing extensive due diligence in the fintech and healthcare sectors. My personal believe is that entrepreneurs who take the longer term approach growing alongside the markets are the ones whom will win the market.


Mr.Vanada worked for a private hedge fund in the United States as a stockbroker intern. When the intern finished, he decided to go to Japan to study a short-term program in Japanese language. While studying, he was also working as a intern at a Japanese IT firm that was aiming to gain a market share in Indonesia. Soon afterwards, he joined to CyberAgent Capital, Inc as one of the venture capitalist teams that will be operating in Indonesia. Mr.Vanada is a graduate from University of Washington with a bachelor degree in Finance, and completed one semester of Japanese Language Program from Keio University.


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