RISING EXPO is one of the largest fund-raising/business partnership events in Japan. Leading international and domestic venture capitals, major enterprises and other parties that support the venture industry in Japan get together at RISING EXPO. Venture companies selected through pre-screening can network with and give presentations to more than 100 executives and key persons.


CROSSOVER is an invitational event with an aim to promote collaboration between large enterprises and venture companies. Entrepreneurs from promising venture companies and key persons from leading enterprises are invited and provided an opportunity for business partnerships that will lead to dramatic growth for venture companies.

CAV JAM (Japan)

CAV JAM is a closed workshop held periodically for CAV’s portfolio companies. Seasoned top executives of listed companies, top executives of the portfolio companies who are knowledgeable in specific fields or external experts are invited to each workshop to support smooth development of the companies’ businesses of these companies through the sharing of knowledge. Participants can also can join social gatherings after the workshop for networking among them.

NET IMPACT (Overseas)

NET IMPACT provides local entrepreneurs with opportunities to hear about the latest information regarding the Asian Internet industry directly from key persons in major international Internet companies and successful entrepreneurs. This event intends to further increase local ventures that drive global innovation by enabling them to more clearly understand other markets more clearly.

CAV Salon (Overseas)

CAV Salon is an event where entrepreneurs and CAV’s capitalists periodically exchange opinions about promising fields that CyberAgent Ventures is interested in. The topics discussed at CAV Salon include the latest case studies in the Internet industries of other countries where CAV operates its venture capital business.